Check the compatibility between two zodiac signs with our free test. The result will let you know the degree of compatibility between two people according to their zodiac sign. Simply choose two signs corresponding to two different people and observe the result. You can help you with the table of dates below if you need it or read the individual description of each sign.

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Dates of the signs of the zodiac


21st March - 20th April


21st April - 20th May


21st May - 20th June


12th June - 20th July


21st July - 21st August


22nd August - 22nd September


23rd September - 22nd October


23rd October - 22nd November


23rd November - 20th December


21st December - 19th January


20th January - 18th February


19th February - 20th March

Characteristics of the signs of the zodiac


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and symbolises the beginning. You are active, creative, adventurous and impulsive, with reactions that can become abrupt. We could say that your motto is to dare now, repent later. You also tend to be impatient when things don't go as quickly as they should which, according to you, should go. You live life at a thousand miles an hour.


You like the beautiful things that nature has to offer, because in general you are a person with simple tastes who loves and appreciates the beauty in all its aspects. You yourself radiate harmony and sensuality. You are realistic, with your feet on the ground.


The sign of Gemini is a dual sign, which allows you to easily adapt to any situation. Sensitive and intuitive, you like to learn new things and surround yourself with people willing to share your ideals.


You are a very sensitive person. Like the crab, you have a hard shell to protect you from the outside. Your interior is fragile, you tend to move to the You are often taken back to your childhood in search of answers about your current "self". Sometimes you are faced with life with a certain fear of the future.


Leo personifies the Lion. He is strong, admired by all and his power is the engine of his life. You often fall into superficiality and ostentation, although It must also be said that you are much more than the image that others have of you.


Prudent and reasonable, you sometimes possess an analytical, sometimes critical spirit about yourself and those around you. You are meticulous and You like things well done, but be careful! Well done your way, which is the only way you can understand. You can become obsessed with small details that others hardly see.


You are sweet and seductive. You like to surround yourself with beauty and harmony, your personal fulfillment goes through contact and the way you relate to others. Restless and curious by nature, you tend to feel often frustrated and dissatisfied when you think or feel that things are not going the way they you would like. You commit yourself with difficulty, but when you do, your commitment is firm.


Scorpio is the sign of instinct, of power, of security, as well as of the inner world, of the ghosts that each one harbours inside. You are an extreme person in everything you undertake, you make yourself noticed without wanting to, because your firm, safe and strong step is felt. You do not go unnoticed.


You are characterised by your independent, frank and friendly personality, open to others, to new challenges, but also open to yourself and to inquire into your personal expectations. You are idealistic, generous and sincere, not afraid of your words. You like to surround yourself with wisdom and knowledge, you yourself are a sage and a philosopher. Your temperament is prone to good humour and optimism.


With your great ambition, we cannot fail to introduce the vital trends of your Capricorn sign without mentioning your enormous discipline in the work, but also in other areas of your life, in a continuous search for professional and, by extension, personal fulfilment. Discreet and calm, you walk the path set in your life without making your intentions known, which makes you mysterious and unpredictable in the eyes of others.


You are a social being and you are always surrounded by friends and acquaintances. You are idealistic, expansive, with a great sense of justice and tolerance, you commit yourself to this in order to help as much as possible to make your world a better place. You symbolize hope and dreams, spirituality applied to real life.


You are a dual sign, difficult to describe, for your imagination and inner world have no limits. You yourself may sometimes have difficulty in determine where the real ends and the imaginary begins. Your great sensitivity and intuition increase your receptivity to those things Hardly perceptible to the more earthly signs, so to speak, as the signs of the earth. But you are also more vulnerable and fragile than the other signs.