The yes or no oracle solves your doubts and questions. The best free yes or no oracle to ask questions and solve your concerns. If you have to make a decision or are looking for an answer, our yes or no oracle will help you make that decision and give you that answer you are looking for.


Is the yes or no oracle reliable?

We all have a fixed destiny in life and what happens to us is already written from the beginning. Coincidences do not exist and it is something that we must have assumed. Our yes or no oracle is free and willing to answer as many questions as you need. If you need one more print run we recommend our complete print run of free online tarot.

It should be noted that our online oracle is reliable, but it is still an online game. And although, as we have said, destiny is written for everyone, it is always advisable in cases of extreme seriousness to go to a professional who will provide you with a custom-made tarot print.

However, enjoy the experience that our online yes or no oracle provides, completely free, as many times as you need and always with meaning common and taking the answers as a mere orientation, not as an absolute truth.

What is an oracle?

The word oracle can be used with various meanings, all coming from ancient and not so ancient civilizations that have The Earth has been populated over the years.

The first definition we can find refers to a message or answer that the ancient priests and pythonesses gave in the name of a god or a The Church was a divine response to the requests and questions of the faithful.

We can also define it as a sacred place where people went to make different consultations to the gods. See the Oracle of Delphi.

Finally, another valid meaning for this word defines him as a wise and authorized person who acts as an intermediary between the god and the faithful who perform the consultation. This opinion is generally considered to be indisputable.