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Origin of the Tarot

The origin of the tarot is located in the 15th century in Italy. The oldest known tarot deck is that of the Duke of Milan, Filippo Maria Visconti, who lived between 1412 and 1447. That deck is now in the Yale University library and is known as the Visconti-Sforza. Some occultists have carried out studies between the 18th and 19th centuries trying to demonstrate the connection between the tarot and the cabala, as with Egyptian symbolism.

Some researchers suggest that the origin of the tarot is between the medieval Cathars and the Occitan culture, as their philosophy is based on the perfection with the basic idea of the game of tarot.

Other authors have also stated that gypsies promoted tarot because they roamed around European countries and even suggest that tarot could survive the Inquisition because this ethnic group did not represent a priority target for them, although they arrived in Europe when the Tarot was already known.

Tarot cards remained for a long time as a privilege of the upper class and the Catholic Church or the rulers in the early The use of these letters was not condemned at the time of their appearance. Furthermore, in jurisdictions where card games were totally prohibited, the tarot were exempted from these legal rules.

What is cardboard?

Cartomancy is a form of prediction, divination or augury of the future using a deck of cards or playing cards such as tarot. Said technique has three main variants which are the 78-card tarot, the Spanish deck, the 36-card Petit Lemonard.

Each card has a symbol that allows the person to interpret the card. In theory, these manifestations should be made with the aim of to get their own answers or to help other people. The objective of tarot is different from that of cardomancy, since tarot seeks to make the person who does the consultations meet with oneself and the cartoonism aims at guessing future events.

Cartomancy takes into account all the different aspects of the cards and their characteristics, as well as colours, symbols or elements. This practice can be carried out with any kind of deck, whether it is the tarot, Spanish, French, German or English deck.